Find us in Essendon Fields

When we say “Essendon Fields”, coffee at La Manna instantly springs to mind together with images of smashed avocado with poached eggs over an easy catch up with friends.

This little village in Essendon is filled with hustle and bustle.  The scent of jet fuel and the sounds of planes zooming in and out of Essendon Airports make you feel like you’re on the set of an Elvis Presley movie.

In amongst this dynamic little cul de sac, Hoffman & Stops inc. Harvest Accountants mills away day in day out, churning out numbers and tax plans.


But where are we?

Where is 30 English Street?  As you drive into the fields you can’t miss La Manna on the right and just after La Manna is Essendon Fields Central.  The Plaza has what looks like the wings of a plane across the front.


Nestled above the Plaza opposite the Airport Terminal you will find “The Suites”.

A short flight of stairs to level 1 will take you up to a corridor of offices.







Suite 3 is your winner!

Come on up and visit, we’re always happy to catch up!

How do you take your coffee? Short black, latte, macchiato or piccolo?


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